A historical day...it's Flickr Friday!
And the first one that made it into the warm beam of the PAMMM!-spotlight is Lucia Gulminelli.

When she was in college, this 24 year old girl from Argentina, began exploring the wonderful world of photography. Before her 22nd birthday, there was a turning point: she had her first Reflex in her hands. From that day she couldn't stop making photos.

Last year she bought her first digital camera, a Canon EOS XT, and a new world unfolded. Her photographs always shows a little story. In her own words: 'I try to show the things that makes me happy: places, people or moments that are special. I want to store those moments in my mind by taking photographs'.

Also want to be in the PAMMM!-spotlight? Upload your 5 best pictures on our Flickr Friday group and wait till next friday... Good luck!

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