By our guest writer Peter, who is browsing trough the pile of music-junk and always finds the jewels especially for you!
Again I found a band of which I would like to inform you about. And again I am thrilled! Till now I was positive about al the bands I wrote about for PAMMM!, so I thought that it would be time for a critical article; let’ s burn this band down... But ‘unfortunately' this is not the right time to be negative; after my critical search for some negative tones I end up with nothing then positive ones! Again.



We've been away a little while with this feature, but we're back with a bang! Thanks to our new Flickr Friday'er (is that a word?) Lina Scheynius. This Swedish-born photographer is not afraid of some bare skin and in-your-face intimacy. Kind of scary almost, but in a beautiful and pure way. Dark sexy scenes are being alternate without any fear to bright and soft colors. There will be an update soon, with personal comments from Lina. Keep an eye open on our facebook page.