By our guest writer Peter, who is browsing trough the pile of music-junk and always finds the jewels especially for you!
Again I found a band of which I would like to inform you about. And again I am thrilled! Till now I was positive about al the bands I wrote about for PAMMM!, so I thought that it would be time for a critical article; let’ s burn this band down... But ‘unfortunately' this is not the right time to be negative; after my critical search for some negative tones I end up with nothing then positive ones! Again.

Please welcome PVT! PVT? Yes! You may ask yourself, where does PVT stand for. Well, it is the new name of the Australian band which was formally know as Pivot. Then there was an American metal band who had already claimed that name and threatened them with a lawsuit, so that is why they call their selves PVT nowadays. Just so you know…

Two Pike brothers, Richard and Laurance and third band member called Dave miller released their new album ‘ Church with no magic’ last August. For the first time it is not a instrumental album; I do not understand why they have not done this before on their previous albums (my one and only critical note about this band)! The spooky voice of Richard Pike combined with psychedelic melodies and stunning electric beats gave me the feeling that I was walking around in a David Lynch movie. Please
let yourself drag along this album, it is definitely worth it!

On their website as well as on their my space you can listen
to some of their songs and watch videos.

Their European tour will continue until the 16th of October.

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