Guess what? It's #4 for our Flickr Friday sessions. Time flies when you're having fun. This time it's Alessia Marchioro, a 28 year old girl that comes from a small village called Ponte di Barbarano in Italy. She currently lives in Milano. Different things and subjects are being shot by her, but with a feminine touch.

Photography is not my daily job but it's for sure my way to give vent to my passion and my intimate look on the world.
I've been always interested in snapshot photography and the way it lets you tell stories easily, about everyday life as it is but also about particular and inusual aspects of it.

My look on reality is clearly feminine and it's not concentrated only on one specific theme or on some definite subjects, it's more attracted by different things, situations, people. Also the way I take pictures, the different cameras i use reflects this. I always carry a camera in my bag.

Sometimes taking photos to me it's only a way to take visual notes of what's happening. I would like my photography to be memory, protection from oblivion. When I'm nostalgic I take pictures, I don't want to forget.

There is a statement by Nan Goldin that I really like and somehow represents my way of feeling about photography:
The instant of photographing, insteand of creating distance,
is a moment of clarity and emotional connection for me.
There is a popular notion that the photographer is by nature
a voyeur, the last one invited to the party. But I'm not
crashing; this is my party. This is my family, my history.

"Love me if you dare" is my party, my family, my history.

back from p(a)ris.


edoardo e sebastiano.

joey burns and giulio calvino

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anna and giorgio wedding


anna and giorgio wedding

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