Flickr Friday has come again, your loyal friend that brings you new talent that strolls around on Flickr. It's #5, and again the talent comes from Italy. Go Italy! Maurizio Strippoli is originally a graphic designer, but photography is the perfect second love. Clean colours are his main inspiration, and that makes his photo's stand out and very recognizable.

I'm Maurizio Strippoli a graphic designer based in Milan-Italy.
I get my inspiration from many different things. Music, a place I visit, other artists and styles, readings, a long drive, a clean colour....The most important influences is Luigi Ghirri, but I also admire Alexander Gronsky, Micheal Kenna, Riccardo Varini and all the amazing talents that can be found on Flickr.
I like to use a palette of colors very soft and quiet. I print photos by myself on cotton paper giving a lot of care to colors and quality. Photography to me means instinct and the possibility of creating a close relationship with places and situations I come in contact with. I prefer everyday life as a subject rather than building up perfectly posed pictures.

Inside Out 5

Less 1

Inside Out 3

Inside Out 2

Inside Out 1

Inside Out 6

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