This album has been made by one person, that we know nothing about, and is possibly sitting in a flat somewhere in Glasgow with a lampshade on his head and a wry smile on his face. There is NO information about this guy, only the band name: Ghost Pants, and that he's a single Glaswegian with a taste for lo-fi indie-pop and a tendency to wear household objects on his head.

Static Hearts is the second of two EPs that GhostPants has made available for free, and a sure indication that something special is in the air. Some tracks remind of late 80s songs that gradually mutates into a slippery, ethereal beast. The songs confirms that whoever is behind Ghost Pants is an inspired arranger who is capable of combining fairly simple parts into a beguiling whole.

The lyrics, ‘patched together from years of disjointed paragraphs’ are difficult to make out, but serve a vital role in creating a shadowy human presence behind the almost machine-like motorik beats and artfully layered guitar sounds. Together with Analogue Hearts, the EP that preceded Static Hearts, Ghost Pants has delivered a memorable calling card that demands your immediate attention. With a bit of luck, he’ll soon be a mystery that many people are talking about.

<a href="http://ghostpants.bandcamp.com/album/static-hearts">Static Hearts 1 by Ghost Pants</a>

<a href="http://ghostpants.bandcamp.com/album/analogue-hearts">Starts by Ghost Pants</a>

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