*updated* Friday the 13th: a not-so-lucky day for many of you, but for Emma it is! She has been chosen to shine for one week in our Flickr Friday section. She has a talent for communicating a certain vibe or feeling with her photo's. I was really impressed with her black and white series, so that's why I made a selection from those.

"My name is Emma (Rose) Steer, I'm eighteen years old. When I'm not studying photography at Purchase College, I'm exploring the woods of home just outside of New York.

The driving force behind my photography is to reveal the raw undertones and comforts of stories. I'm inspired by the unnoticed imperfections that lead one from wonder to discovery to mystery and so on."

You also should check her blog out, for beautiful short clips.

Also want to be in the PAMMM!-spotlight? Upload your 5 best pictures on our Flickr Friday group and wait till next friday... Good luck!

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