This album is for those of you that are on the lookout for driving-, hanging in the park-, putting a way too tight surf suit on and getting ready to surf -music. The six-song Hermosa EP represents a major step forward for the young Southern California-based band The Smiles. The song titles and album cover point to sun, the beach, summer, and a good time.

Their cheeks are scrubbing (musicly-wise) Beach House, Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective. Nice cheeks to scrub! The Smiles are an indie rock quartet comprised of four college students from a university in Los Angeles, CA. Though they like to think that they play beach rock (or tropical grunge), individually, none of them grew up on the Pacific. Collectively, they are from Baltimore, Maryland, Austin, Texas, and Palm Desert, California. After a year of playing together, they have solidified a unique and accessible style, carried by some pretty good songs.

Listen to their first EP, and let us know what you think!

<a href="http://thesmiles.bandcamp.com/album/hermosa-ep">Cala Cola by The Smiles</a>

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