The Powder Kegs are a pop trio from Philadelphia via NYC, featuring Dan Maroti on vocals, guitar, and keyboard, Ryan Dieringer on vocals and bass, and Sam McDougle on drums. Their rootsy pop rock & roll bends genres, and calls to mind personalities like Beck, Elvis Costello or Paul Simon. They're take on indie-pop is eclectic, but grounded by a distinct folk bent.

They're not scared for some reggae influences ("La Mariposa"): this song has all the markings of a summer beach jam. Give me the palm trees, sand beneath my toes, and a frozen margarita. Well, almost. This isn’t Jimmy Buffet and it isn’t Jason Mraz, although fans of the latter would probably dig this.

Rather than bogging everything down with unnecessary chords and notes, The Powder Kegs take an organic approach to their music and allow their songs to develop at a natural pace. The result is, simply put, enjoyable.

<a href="http://music.thepowderkegs.com/album/empty-side-ep">The Right Time by The Powder Kegs</a>

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