Vincenzo (or Vins for friends) Baratta: a 29 year old, originally graphic designer that was born in Germany, worked for many design studios in Milan. When he attends a photography course in 2009 at cfp Bauer, he slides into the world of portrait photography that best conveys emotional involvement for him. He has a recognizable style, that is dreamy but also in-your-face.

PS - Valediction

The Kiss - CL & XX

CommonUncommon - Nov 09 - N 7

MP - Hotel

XX - Water

CL e MA - Vice Magazine - 55DSL

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ileana hdz said...

Hey i loved your blog!, my name is ileana and i'm from mexico, i now my english is not that good haha i just wanted to tell you that this is a very creative blog, and i'll follow you hoping i can learn something from it. Ciao ;)

Daphne van Houten said...

thanks ileana!

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