Brooklyn's Fang Island describe their aesthetic as "everyone high-fiving everyone." So it's appropriate that the band's website features a video of them jamming out with kindergartners. 'Fun' isn't just a word for them, it's embedded in the band's musical DNA.

Fang Island's self-titled second album is joyous despite its general lack of verses or choruses. It's the first time we hear this combination of post-punk with classic rock and pinches of popindie. The elements that makes it this way (palm-muted power chords following wide-open intros, blistering solos, double-time outros) are crammed into this album. The dance routine in the video from the song 'Daisy', feels like the only natural reaction to hearing it. This music is just honest and life-affirming and infectious, and it's that rare concentration of directness and simplicity that makes Fang Island so uniquely and wonderfully inclusive.

<a href="http://digital.fangisland.com/album/fang-island">Dreams Of Dreams by Fang Island</a>

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