From our guest writer Peter. This morning my ears, as well as my eyes, got opened. The first drops of water from my shower were accompanied by a new song. I immediately forgot the rain; the summer came back. The fast guitar riffs and the nice up tempo, pulls you into a wicked rhythm. It feels like drinking a red bull without the teeth killing sweetness. Or surfing on a big wave in the Pacific Ocean. Get ready for a refreshing splash into the waters of Fergus and Geronimo.

Fergus & Geronimo is a soulful weirdo-pop wonder duo based in Brooklyn by
way of Denton, Texas. They previously released 7"s with Woodsist, Tic Tac
Totally, and Transparent. A new release in the shape of a 7" tune "Never
Satisfied" b/w "Turning Blue" on October 26th, in advance of their full-
length debut in 2011. "Never Satisfied" is a catchy Beach Boys-esque pop
tune with a post-millennial skew, while b-side "Turning Blue" is a cover of
an 80s novelty non-hit from a Pac Man picture-disc LP. True story! The 7"
will be on opaque half-blue, half-white vinyl, with an initial pressing of

For whom the summer is ending and the autumn is arriving, an album with
songs like ‘turning blue’ will help you making it through the winter, until
spring will knock on your door! So get out of your bed, listen to Fergus &
Geronimo and start hopping on the rhythm. C’mon!

Fergus & Geronimo - "Never Satisfied" b/w "Turning Blue" by hardlyartrecords

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