By our guest writer Peter, who is browsing trough the pile of music-junk and always finds the jewels especially for you!

Perhaps you already know the band you are going to read about right now. If so, I am sorry for the waste of your time. If not, you will be happy to get to know ‘Arcade Fire’, especially their new album “The Suburbs”.

The first time when I listened to this album I was flabbergasted. The way the first song turns into the next song, wow, I already knew I was going to love this album! It was, and it still is, a great adventure going through this album; those Canadian rockers did an outstanding job. I can tell that they have put hours and hours of hard work in it.

When they start singing ‘I learned to drive, and you told me we’d never survive, grab your mother’s keys, we’re leaving’ you will get the same feeling. The feeling of stealing your mothers old, rusty car and learn to drive along an endless road. Meanwhile you are listening to The Suburbs. The first song makes you want to hear the rest of the album and the last song makes you want to re-listen the whole album again. And again. And again. From the corner of your eye you will see the fabulous cover laying in the dusty window sill. By the way, you definitely have to check the digital cover on their website too; it is absolutely worth seeing!

I can talk for hours about this band, you know, but you just have to listen to their music. If you don’t have Arcade Fire’s latest album The Suburbs yet, you’d better buy it as soon as possible. I promise you won’t regret!

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