So, it's saturday. We hope you weren't waiting, and waiting, and waiting yesterday for our Flickr Friday. If so: sorry! Can we make it up with you? With a Flickr Friday that's on saturday? Because that's what this is. And it's a good one. Her name is Leah Bernhardt. She makes photographs with loads of emotions, and layers to discover.

"Well, I'm Leah and 16 years old. I live on St.Croix in the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. I got really into photography in February of 2010, but have been interested in it for about two years, because one of my friends played around with it and my mind just sparked when I saw what she could do. But I was to embarrassed to actually be open about my interest. I always loved art, but I could never draw or paint to well. Even thought i'm just pressing a button, photography has tested every aspect of my creativity, but it's all worth it when I see what I've created."

57/365 Thursday, 6-3-10


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