Guest writer Peter A friend of mine came to visit me last night. He was excited and happy. “Peter, you have to listen to this! I am so excited ‘bout them! He ranto my computer and inserted a disc. Fresh new sounds, which I have never heard before, flew into my ears. My curiosity was piqued. “Who are they?” I screamed out loud, because the volume was set to 10. “Dylan in the movies!” he shouted back to me. Dylan in the movies?! Immediately I jumped behind my computer to find out more about this band who pleased my ears so pleasurable.

Dylan in the Movies is an indie rock band from Boston Massachusetts. The band has five members. The lead singer/songwriter is Brian Sullivan; I could listen 24/7 to his hallucinogenic, almost addictive voice, which is supported by the instrumental talents of 3 other men (guitar, lap steel, drums) and a woman (keys).

On their myspace site you will find four songs, which are all great, but I especially love the song “Josephine if you only knew”. After some research on the World Wide Web I also found their Facebook page (hallelujah for Facebook!) where you can check their latest developments.

Dylan in the Movies, welcome into my life! I am already convinced. You too?

P.S: we couldn't find a cool picture of the band, so instead we used on with their cat on it. Miauw!

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Hahaha...cute kitty cat. :)

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