Do you already smell it? We do. It's the smell of weekend. For some people to relax, and for some to work even more to pay for all of their rolls they want to develop. But, now you can chill for a couple of minutes. Sit back, and dive into this Flickr Friday with our girl Martina Giammaria. She's from Italy (you guys!) and was born in 1976 in an ancient town called Anagni.

"I'm a chaser and victim of dazzles, I live ad interim and on the wrong road. Until a flash blinds me permantly".

She gets inspiration from things that relate to herself. Only then they catch her attention. Taking pictures makes her transparent. She loves to photograph woman because of that reason, and play with them as they're dolls.

We love her portraits, so we feature those. Also want to be in the PAMMM!-spotlight? Upload your 5 best pictures on our Flickr Friday group and wait till next friday... Good luck!

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